Trimming the Laminitic Hoof (DVD)

Trimming the Laminitic Hoof (DVD)

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Trimming the Laminitic Hoof (DVD) -- DVD length: 1 hr 30 min.

This DVD concentrates solely on trimming, and contains a detailed step-by-step breakdown of the natural trim. Jaime begins by showing the trimming strategy via diagram, and then moves to the actual complete trimming of two laminitic hooves.

Although Jaime focuses on laminitis, this DVD is not for laminitic hooves only! The principles Jaime teaches will apply to all hooves that have irregularities in growth or shape.

Recommended for use with companion bulletins

#102: Laminitis Redefined
#103: The Laminitis Pathway
#104: Trimming the Laminitic Hoof
and also with the book,
Founder: Prevention & Cure the Natural Way

NOTE: It is also recommended that trimmers have some trimming experience before undertaking the techniques described in this video. (Good beginner resources include the book, Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care and the DVD, Creating the Perfect Hoof: Learn to do a Natural Trim with Jaime Jackson).


Customer Comments
"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent DVDs; they are really superb and highly informative." -- Lucy from France

"I am seeing great results in my two horses as I apply the lessons I am learning from these DVDs. Thank you so very much." -- Carl from California

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