Founder: Prevention & Cure
the Natural Way
by Jaime Jackson

Founder kills thousands of horses every year, and leaves tens of thousand of others debilitated in its wake. In this startling revelation and guide to the natural, holistic cure and prevention of founder, author/hoof care expert Jaime Jackson brings an entirely new perspective to the treatment table.

Jackson evaluates the conventional veterinary therapies, and takes a new look at the causes and treatment of founder. This may be the most controversial book yet written on the subject.....and the most useful.

Includes a clear and workable "Founder Action Plan" for immediate action in identifying and removing the causes of founder, and starting on the road to healing. Jackson also gives practical instructions on how future episodes may be prevented.

It's highly recommended to purchase this book with the companion DVD Trimming the Laminitic Hoof.

Author Comments
"I wrote this book as a result of hundreds of consultations I've conducted over the last several years. So often a horse owner would call me after their vet or farrier had advised them to "put the horse down, since nothing more can be done". I've advised them all: "There is something that can be done, and your horse will be healthy again if you will just follow this plan." Here, in book form, is that plan."
Softcover, 160 pgs $19.95
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Reader Review
"My trainer recommended I read this book, as I have a young mare who has some tenderness in her bare hooves. My conclusion: If you have a horse, associate with horses, plan to hang out with horses, (you get the picture) you MUST read this book! I have learned more about the "whole horse" from this small book than anything I have read before!

Once you read it, tell all the horse people you know about it!

After employing the principles in the book for just one month, my mare has much less tenderness in her feet, she is already showing improvement by developing solid, compact soles, and has shed some un-needed pounds!"
-- Dr. Shannon from Arizona
Star Ridge Company
Because Barefoot is Best.
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