Horse Owners Guide to Natural
Hoof Care
by Jaime Jackson

The original foundation book of the natural hoof care movement. Features step-by-step instructions for the natural trim based on the wild horse model. This is the book that "launched a thousand trimmers" (or more!)

Written for horse owners who want to do their own hoof work or improve their understanding of natural hoof care, and also for farriers wanting to transition to natural hoof care.

Explains the process involved in making a successful transition from shod to unshod. Included are concise explanations about:
u hairlines
u pasterns
u frog pressure
u coffin bones
u natural angles
u 4 point trims
u hoof balance

All common parts of the hoof, and how they're supposed to work together naturally and optimally, are discussed in clear, straightforward terms. Contains a troubleshooting section and an extensive resource section. Over 200 illustrations (photos and drawings).

It's highly recommended to purchase the companion DVD Learn to do a Natural Trim with Jaime Jackson.
Softcover, 320 pgs $29.95
Sale $20.95
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Author Comments
"I wrote this book to help horse owners and professionals get the facts straight concerning natural hoof care. Practically speaking, it's a step-wise trimming method using the sound hooves of wild horses as my model. I've tested this method extensively for over 20 years. It works."
Reader Review
"Well organized book with step by step instructions for natural trimming. I am already offering to loan it out to friends because it is so full of information, has great photos and clear instructions on how to trim. I found the writer to be no-nonsense and extremely clear. I really like this guy because he was a long-time farrier and so he has had lots of experience with horses' feet. He obviously has the horse's best interest at heart. I recommend this book to anyone who is thinking of having their horse go barefoot or already has a barefoot horse." -- J. Dale from Arizona
Star Ridge Company
Because Barefoot is Best.
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Customer Comments
I have the book, Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care, and have been practicing your trimming guidelines for most of this year. The change in my clients' horses is even hard for me to believe. I can say now that I have seen some close to perfect feet. Before this I had only seen one horse with feet this pretty and well developed. I really enjoy practicing these techniques and look forward to learning more." -- James from Mississippi
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