About Us

Star Ridge beginnings
We are a small family business which began as a publishing company back in 1997. Our main purpose at that time was to save The Natural Horse from going out of print. The Natural Horse describes how the lessons learned from the wild horse can improve the lives of domestic horses in dramatic ways. We wanted to keep that message alive.

How to go barefoot
In time, horse owner interest sparked other books, starting with the Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care, created to teach interested horse owners how to go barefoot effectively and responsibly, and providing instructions on how to do a natural trim.

Adding real tools that get the job done well
Horse owners learning the natural trim quickly became frustrated with trying to shop at the traditional farrier outlets. We then added a line of quality professional-level tools specially selected for natural trim work. The tools we offer take the guesswork out of tool selection, and we also offer hard-to-find sizes that work well for women.

More information, please
Over the years, other learning resources have been created and added -- instructional DVDs, bulletins, and now a PowerPoint CD. Realizing that the "whole horse" needs to be addressed, we have published other books -- on nutrition, natural boarding, and booting.

Our mission
We're thankful to have the opportunity to make the world a better place for horses and the people who care about them. That's why we're here!

So why shop at Star Ridge?
We're the original natural hoof care store, in business since 1997. And since that's our special area, we think you'll find the most complete collection of resources for natural hoof care to be found anywhere, and some which you won't find anywhere else.

When you purchase from us, you're buying quality products selected by master natural trimmers. These are products that have worked well for people of all experience levels, and over many years. Everything we offer is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Most of our business comes from word of mouth, and we're listed as a resource on hundreds of horse care websites.

Happy customers
Customers have been generous with their praise over the years, writing that they are pleased with our products, our selection, and our service. Scroll down for a sample of some of the kind comments we've received. (We do, of course, have some of the greatest customers in the world!)

Mailing lists
All customers who order on-line are put onto our email mailing list. We do send out emails about new products or specials about once a month or so. Emailing is a very cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to communicate with our customers. If you decide you no longer want to receive such emails, you can easily remove yourself from this list by clicking on the offered link when you receive an email from us. We do not sell or trade our mailing list, or give out customer information to any third party.

We're glad you're here!
We're delighted you've found your way to our website. We hope we can be of service!


Customer Comments:

"As always, Star Ridge is the best. You have made barefoot trimming possible for me and that makes my horses happy!"-- Valerie from Arizona

"You have been exceptionally helpful and I have no hesitation whatsoever in referring people to your website." -- Andrea from New Zealand

"Thank you! I was so happy to find tools that fit my physical size (I am 5' 113 lbs). Thanks for your wonderful access to tools that work." -- Karen from Indiana

"You guys have great customer service! All my orders have gone thru qucikly, arrived in a very short time, and you have been super to keep me informed. It is a pleasure doing business with you. Again, thank-you!" -- Nikki from Idaho

"It's really nice to do business with a company that actually cares about customer service. I will recommend your company to all of my friends." -- Cindi from Texas

"Thank you again for your professional service. I appreciate all the comunication you and your company have had with me." -- Eva from Australia

"Thanks for the barefoot specialty trimming items that you offer!" -- Reka from California

"I couldn't believe it, I came home from work today and my order was waiting for me! Thank you so much for the quick service! That was outstanding." -- Laurie from Minnesota

"You definitely have great products" -- Christine from Arizona

"Your barefoot books (ie Jaime Jackson & Pete Ramey) I think are the best reference books for barefoot trimming available anywhere." -- Sue from Australia

"I have ordered a lot of items from your site and have enjoyed all the books, videos and tools! Thanks!"
-- Melissa from Canada