Friedr. Dick Turf Hoof Rasps

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Available in two lengths!   Large size: 14-inch length  Short size:  12-inch length

The Friedrich Dick "Turf" horse rasp is superb. It’s the European standard among professional farriers and hoof care practitioners, and now popular in the U.S. for both do-it-yourselfers and professionals. The 12" is a particular favorite, especially among our many women customers (although many men prefer it also!) The 12" has also been recommended for use on ponies (see comments at lower left).


  • Standard size 14" and shorter 12" size
  • High efficiency
  • Works with any handle
  • One side coarse file cut
  • One side with extra sharp tines and deep rasp cutting edge geometry

Customer Comment
"I have bought different rasps that were supposedly very good quality and they don't perform near as well as the F. Dick rasps in my opinion. A couple of my customers have commented on how well my F. Dick rasp gets through the hoof, and after trying it for themselves, they are very impressed."
-- Gail from New Zealand

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