Friedr. Dick Company Ascot Hoof Knife

Friedr. Dick Company Ascot Hoof Knife

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These excellent German-made hoof knives are very popular in Europe and now have a loyal following in the U.S. The narrow, short-bladed style we carry has been consistently favored by barefoot trimmers for ease of use and superior results.

The cutting edges on these knives are neither too “flat” (too difficult to trim to the sole’s concavity) nor too “curved” (too readily gouging the sole). The knives sport handsome Rosewood handles and super sharp blades made of the finest steel. These are superb quality professional knives that will enable you to do a first class natural trim quickly, efficiently, and safely.

The Gripmaster handle is slightly larger than the Ascot’s, and is contoured for a more stable grip. The streamlined Ascot fits a smaller hand well; otherwise, the blades are identical. A tough choice — so experiment with both. Choose between left and right-handed models. Sharpen these elegant beauties with the Swiss istor sharpener for the finest cutting edge possible.

All styles feature:
  • Ergonomic rosewood handles
  • High quality special carbon steel
  • Polished and specially sharpened for prolonged performance

And don't forget a sharpener to go with your
new knife. Although your knife will arrive already sharpened and ready to go, you will want to keep it that way!

Unsure about which Fr. Dick style knife to buy?   

Watch our YouTube video which compares the three styles!



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