Rasp Handles
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JV Aluminum Rasp Handle

This is a top-of-the-line rasp handle for both do-it-yourselfers and professionals. Made of aluminum in the USA and fits any rasp. Photo below shows how the handle attaches to your rasp. Allen wrench shown is included.

Choose from 2 sizes: 1-3/4" diameter for larger hands, 1-1/2" diameter for smaller hands. If you want the best, here you go!

large size
color silver
small size
color silver
sale $15.95
Star Ridge Company
Because Barefoot is Best.
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Equithotics Rasp Handles

Colorful and fun, but very practical, these handles have been selected for their durability and comfortable, ergonomic grip.

Designed to cover the sharp corners of the rasp, these handles fit snugly in the palm of the hand. The poly- urethane gives a cushion to the grip and improves control while rasping. Six great colors to choose from -- here's a chance to jazz up your trimming!

Note: Handles are pushed on, and will probably need to be tapped lightly to "seat" properly on the rasp.
The handle latches on very firmly, so when removing, you may need to tap the edge of the handle against a hard surface to loosen it before pulling the handle off.

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