Multi-grip Contouring Bar & Sole Rasp Original (SR-1) with white handle

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The Multi-grip Contouring Sole Rasp Original (SR-1) is curved to fit into every aspect of the sole and bars. Its unique shape provides a variety of hand-grips for enhanced leverage. The pointed end makes a very effective hoof pick.

With the Multi-grip Contouring Sole Rasp Original you can safely trim the bars with more gradual control than a hoof knife. Used carefully, the Sole Rasp is easier than a hoof knife, with less worry of accidentally soring the sole. An excellent tool, but when addressing the sensitive areas of the sole, always use with caution. Features white vinyl covering on either end for an easier grasp. Becoming very popular with customers from dry climates where the hooves are rock hard and difficult to work.

Please note
that the Sole Rasp Original has regular pointed rasp tines. The new Sole Rasp Pro has "knife-like" teeth.

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