Natural Hoof Care Article Series by Jaime Jackson

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This unique series of articles represents an in-depth look at various natural hoof care issues. They present the most comprehensive information available on natural horse/hoof care. These go beyond the scope of the books we carry, and contain very detailed specialized information. Highly recommended for those doing their own trimming.

12 articles to choose from

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Individual Articles
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Bundled Articles
(PDF files on CD shipped to you)
#100: Hoof growth cycle

How to calculate the rate of hoof capsule growth, and its significance
to practitioners. For instance, how long will it take a particular defect to
reach the bearing surface? This report will help you make predictions on
the rate of healing you can expect. 4 pages. File size: 165KB
Beyond the Basics Article Bundle

3 Articles on 1 CD

Article #101:Trimming for Natural Toe Angle, Toe Length and Heel Length
Article #106: Rules of Rasping: Eliminating Flares, Splits & Run under Heels
Article #107: The Correct Mustang Roll
#101: Trimming for Natural Toe Angle, Toe & Heel Length

There are new breakthroughs in determining natural toe angle,
which is a key factor in creating your trimming strategy.
This is the report that will help you verify your horse’s natural angles.
10 pages. File size: 743KB
Professional Bundle: The Complete Collection of 12 Advanced Natural Hoofcare Articles

Includes ALL 12 of the Advanced Natural Hoofcare Articles #100-#113 on 1 CD!
(See left for article descriptions)
#102: Supercoriaitis: Laminitis Redefined

Jackson explains that the term laminitis is essentially incorrect,
incomplete and misleading. He provides an alternative view of the
age-old hoof condition, which will greatly affect how it is treated. 10
pages. File size: 1MB
#103: The Supercoriaitis (Laminitis) Pathway

Having redefined laminitis in Bulletin 102, Jackson now traces the
causes and destructive path of Supercoriaitis. Important reading before
attempting a trim strategy. 8 pages. File size: 495KB
#104: How to the Trim the Laminitic Hoof

Detailed instructions on the trimming of a laminitic hoof. A
companion to the DVD: Trimming the Laminitic Hoof, and book Founder:
Prevention & Cure the Natural Way. Intended for experienced hoof
care practitioners. 14 pages. File size: 5 MB
#106: Rules of Rasping: Eliminating Wall Flare, Splits, and Run-under Heels

This article describes how to render a naturally shaped hoof wall
such that we simulate the effects of natural wear, and eliminate wall
flare, splits, and run-under heels. Jackson’s 15 rules of rasping are
explained in detail. 18 pages. File size 5.6 MB
#107: The Correct Mustang Roll

How to render a natural “mustang roll” based on the wild horse model.
The proper roll enables the domestic horse to move more naturally, and
thus, more efficiently. 18 pages. File size 1.9 MB
#108: A New Theory: Time and Mass in a 4th Dimensional Hoof Mechanism

Expanded interpretation of the hoof mechanism, accounting for changes
in hoof mass seen in naturally trimmed hooves. 8 pages. File size 2.5 MB
#109: The Whole Horse Trim

Diet, living quarters, riding, and veterinary care all impact how the
hoof grows and wears. This article outlines the central features of the
whole horse approach to natural trimming. 8 pages. File size: 408 KB
#110: The Supercorium

Discussion of the dermal structures which produce the capsule and
horse-to-hoof attachments, including how natural hoof care practitioners
“communicate” with and influence the supercorium to build a sound,
healthy capsule. 20 pages. File size 2.2 MB
#111: Does Horseshoeing Cause Hoof Contraction?

Results of a study conducted by Jackson on changes in hoof mass
following deshoeing with some surprising results. 8 pages.File size:
915 KB
#113: Hoof Mass, Motion, and the Mythos of P3 rotation

Counters current thinking and hysteria over P3 rotation and coffin
bone penetration of sole in the context of a new weight bearing theory.
12 pages. 829 KB

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