Paddock Paradise by Jaime Jackson

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Softcover - 122 pages.

This book is Jaime Jackson's ground-breaking adventure in natural boarding for horses. Based on his legendary research on wild horses, Paddock Paradise is a revolutionary model for safe, natural horsekeeping, hoof care, and the healing and rehabilitation of lame horses. The premise of Paddock Paradise is to stimulate horses to behave and move naturally according to their instincts. "This is the key," according to Jackson, "to having physically and mentally healthier horses." This unique and unprecedented model is adaptable to virtually all size horse properties, regardless of climate, and fits all equine breeds regardless of how they are used. This book is a must-read!

Some benefits from using this system:

  • Encourages constant movement, as nature intended
  • Greater movement means natural hoof wear
  • Minimizes the need for warm-up time before riding
  • Helps address neurotic behaviors by providing natural healthy outlets
  • Provides an effective means for diet and weight management

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