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New item!  We are now carrying a suede leather apron made by Nordic Forge.  This apron features a truly great design that goes back many years in the farrier trade, with improvements added in recent years: a sturdier belt, heavier leather reinforcements, and a slightly different cut that renders the design adaptable to most women as well as men. If you’re going to do hoof work, then you want a good apron to protect yourself. This one does the job, and does it well.

We would consider a quality apron to be an essential purchase for any serious trimmer -- even seasoned professionals can slip with a sharp knife or rasp.

Please note the apron dimensions listed below. This is a full coverage loose-fit apron which may not suit men or women under 5 ft 4inches, particularly those of a more petite stature.



  • Professional quality
  • Design adapts to male and female body types
  • Heavy duty adjustable leather belt
  • Shin length
  • Quality leather
  • Knee and thigh areas are double-reinforced with leather pads for long-lasting durability
  • Adjustable knee straps with easy-release clips
  • Right side hoof knife pocket

Apron dimensions:
Waist size: 33" waist at smallest notch (if your waist is smaller than 33", the apron will sit a little below the waist on the hips)
Length of apron: 30 1/2"
Knife pocket: the right knife pocket starts at 16" down, and extends to 23" down


Same apron style -- 2 different eras:

the one on the left is brand new, the one on the right has a few miles and about 20 years on it, but still going strong!  (Please note, the light grey apron below is our previous apron-- our new Nordic Forge apron is the same style but a more pliable leather in a warm brown color)

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