The Original Hoof Meter Reader®Hoof Gauge

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The Original Hoof Meter Reader®Hoof gauge

The original unique design! Easy to use - just turn the yellow or white dials and read the results. The instructions are right on the gauge; no math or calculations are necessary. Shaded areas of dial give you a “quick reference” to determine if angles and length are very natural, natural, or unnatural.

Thin and lightweight,the gauge is made of tough credit card-like plastic, and allows you to measure the hoof angle while the hoof is still on the ground. Keeping track of your hoof angles over time allows you to see how the hoof is changing and progressing.

Changes in hoof angles are an important indicator of your horse’s health, as health issues often show up first in the hoof. Check them regularly as you would the oil in your car.

Natural or unnatural? Find out how your hooves compare with the measurements of healthy, naturally shaped hooves using the Hoof Meter Reader.

Watch our YouTube video on how to use the Hoof Meter Reader!

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