Hoof Buffer Original Flex Sander (HB-1) and Hoof Buffer Replacement Belts (Fine & Coarse)

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Now with a sturdy aluminum handle!

An essential finishing tool, designed to follow one or both Radius Rasps, or to follow a conventional straight rasp. The Hoof Buffer blends all edges of the roll uniformly. It is particularly important for rounding the upper border of the roll to eliminate any "edge" that might promote flaring and cracking.

For those that have tried sandpaper as a finishing tool, the Hoof Buffer has an easier action and gives more consistent results.

The turnbuckle allows for several tension adjustments. If one loosens the tension on the Hoof Buffer, the paper "folds around" the hoof more and there is then less aggressive action (horn removal) as a result. If the turnbuckle is tightened the sandpaper applies firmer pressure and more aggressive horn removal.

The turnbuckle can also be loosened to rotate the surface of the sandpaper so all parts of the sandpaper are used evenly.
The handle is made from long-lasting aluminum.

Please note: The body of the Hoof Buffer is now made from metal, creating an even sturdier tool. The Hoof Buffer price includes the wrench for making adjustments, and 2 belts -- one fine grade belt which comes on the tool and one coarse grade spare replacement belt.

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