EVO Zip Hoof Knife

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The Zip Knife by Evo Tools

The same company which brought us the Evolutionary Tool Line (Radius Rasps, Contouring Bar & Sole Rasps, Hoof Buffer) is now offering a specially developed new hoof knife.

What makes this knife special? It may offer the sharpest hoof knife blade on the market today. It is extra thin for retaining a sharp edge and ease of sharpening. For those who are frustrated with knives which don't maintain a sharp edge, the Evo Zip knife is the answer!

Some distinctive features of the new Zip knife:
  • Shorter, straighter blade for more precise trimming
  • Smaller hook for clearing grooves
  • Full blade taper from spine to blade means the thinnest, sharpest edges
  • Tough stainless steel
  • Durable, contoured hardwood handles with special slant for improved grip

This blade was designed for precise, controlled trimming on a clean hoof. The extra-thin blade is not meant for trimming hard, heavy sole and bar horn -- this should be done with the Evo Bar & Sole Rasps before applying the Zip knife. Because the blade is very thin, the Zip knife may not last as long as other knives, but during the life of the knife you will find it faster to use and easier to sharpen.

Please note: The Lansky fine grit diamond sharpener is recommended for use with the Zip knife.

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