Multi-grip Contouring Bar & Sole Rasp Pro (SR-2) with black handle

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The Multi-grip Contouring Sole Rasp Pro has rows of "knife-like" teeth. These teeth 'shave' the horn surface, leaving a smoother finish than the pointed rasp teeth on the Sole Rasp Original (SR-1) which have more of a 'scraping' action.

The Sole Rasp Pro (SR-2) is also somewhat easier to use, especially on clean and healthy horn. With rougher surfaces it can be best to use the Sole Rasp Original (SR-1) first, followed by the Sole Rasp Pro (SR-2) for the best results.

Also, the hoof pick point on the end of the Sole Rasp Pro (SR-2) is wider than that on the Sole Rasp Original (SR-1) and works even better for scraping the hoof clean in preparation for trimming.

Made from high carbon steel, these rasps have a long life when cleaned and oiled on a regular basis (WD-40 works well for this).

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