Easyboot Trail Boot Accessories

Inserts are sold 4 to a pack, and insert easily into the hoof boot. These are recommended if your horse's hoof width measurement is much smaller than their length (more than a 1/4" or 5mm difference) or in a lower measurement size category (for example, the length is a size 3, but the width is a size 2). The need for inserts may also be indicated if the boot fails the "twist test" when securely attached to the hoof.

To perform the "twist test" securely attach the boot to the hoof. Then firmly grasp both sides of the boot and try to twist it. It should not twist independently of the hoof, or only very slightly. If you are able to twist the boot, first check your measurements, and then try reattaching the velcro more securely. If the boot still twists, inserts are recommended.

Note: If your horse's width measurement is from a higher size category than the length (for example, the width indicates a size 2 but the length is a size 1) this is probably not the best boot for your horse. The Easyboot Trail is designed for horses that are somewhat longer than wide, and will accommodate horses with fairly round hooves or slightly longer hooves. It is not recommended for horses whose hooves are wider than they are long.
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Size Small Inserts
(fits boot sizes 0-5)
Pack of 4
Size Large Inserts
(fits boot sizes 6-10)
Pack of 4
Size Small Gaiters
(fits boot sizes 0-4)
Pack of 2
Size Large Gaiters
(fits boot sizes 5-8)
Pack of 2
Size X-Large Gaiters
(fits boot sizes 9-10)
Pack of 2

Gaiters provide additional protection around the pastern, and are especially useful for horses who have a tendency to chafe. They are also recommended for sandy or muddy conditions because they help keep excessive sand and dirt out of the boot since sand and dirt tend to make any rubbing issues worse. The upper part of the gaiter which wraps around the pastern is made from neoprene (a type of spongey synthetic rubber). Comes with complete instructions for attaching them to the boot. Available in 3 sizes, depending on the size of the boot. Sold in pairs.
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Easyboot Trail Hoof Boots
Boot Accessories

Hoof Boot Saddle Stowaway
The perfect complement to any hoof boot! This bag will hold one spare boot up to size #8 Trail. Plus, it has two extra compartments for accessories. Has a clip on top with tie strings to attach anywhere on the saddle. Other features:
* Ripstop water resistant material with waterproof urethane backing.
* Foam-padded bottom panel lined with durable, soft, short-pile fleece to protect your saddle and your horse from the weight of the pack’s contents.
* Extended nylon-tabbed zipper pulls for easy access to all compartments.
* All outer seams are reinforced with durable binding.
* Approximate dimensions 9" long x 7" tall x 5" deep.

A great bag for your spare boot or any other riding necessities!
Stowaway Bag
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