Hoof Boot Guarantee & Return Policy
Easyboot Trail Hoof Boots
Guarantee and Return Policy

Please read this policy carefully, as it differs from the general Star Ridge
100% satisfaction guarantee. As an Easycare Dealer, we are offering the Easyboot Trail Hoof Boots under the coverage provided by the Easycare Guarantee, Warranty and Return Policy.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Your Easyboot Trail Hoof Boots are backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the product for any reason, you may return it for a refund of the purchase price (excluding shipping) within 30 days of purchase. To qualify all products must be returned to place of purchase (in this case, Star Ridge Company) and have a dated receipt. Boots should be washed clean, dry and free of debris, dirt, sand and manure. Please contact us at support@star-ridge.com to let us know about the return within 30 days of purchase. (Because we are a mail order company, we allow a 7 day grace period for shipping which is not included in the 30 day period).

90 Day Warranty

EasyCare, Inc. (the manufacturers of the Easycare Trail Hoof Boot) offers a 90 day repair or replacement warranty (from date of purchase) on quality and workmanship for all merchandise manufactured under the EasyCare label. If a boot fails during warranty, it is generally a minor hardware issue. Please bear in mind that most components of EasyCare hoof boots are either replaceable or repairable. Most repairs can be easily accomplished with simple household tools. Depending on the circumstances, EasyCare will send you repair parts, or ask that you return the boots to them for evaluation. Videos of many repairs are available on their website at www.easycareinc.com. While this warranty is very broad in nature, it does not cover wear (including sole breakthrough when worn over horseshoes), misuse, abuse, factory seconds, bargain bin items, or boots purchased as used. Products returned for evaluation must be washed clean, dry and free of debris, dirt, sand and manure. Damage inflicted by omnivorous horses, rodents or other unusual abuse is not covered. Customers in the United States should contact EasyCare directly for all warranty issues at 800-447-8836.

Important Note about Hoof Boot Issues

EasyCare staff are always willing to discuss any specific issues you may have regarding the performance of your EasyCare products. Please contact Easycare at 800-447-8836 or email to admin@easycareinc.com. Visit the website, easycareinc.com, for tips and product information that will help with the use of any of the Easycare product line.
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