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Easyboot Trail Hoof Boots

We haven't carried a hoof boot in many years,
but Easyboot has developed a new boot that meets many of our "must haves" in a hoof boot:

* Super easy to put on and take off
* No mallets or excessive arm strength required
* Attaches with velcro -- no buckles or cables
* Fits well throughout the trim cycle
* Fits a wide variety of shapes and sizes
* Easy to modify for a custom fit
* Affordable
* Durable
* Stays on through different types of trail conditions - mud, water, rocks, brush
* Drainage holes built into the sole
* Strike plate on front for added durability
* Sold individually

We really like the flexibility and versatility of the Easyboot Trail. In addition to trail riding, the boot can be used in the barn or paddock with horses that need hoof protection due to tenderfootedness for any reason. The boots are also a great asset during barefoot conditioning (as your horse transitions into barefootedness) and can easily be taken along on a trail ride and used as necessary if your horse is showing any signs of soreness.

No hoof boot does all things for all situations,
though, and the Easyboot Trail Hoof Boot is
best used for trail riding at distances of up to
25 miles per week (or approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours/day) in mild to moderate trail conditions. It is not recommended for endurance, long distance riding, or aggressive competitive riding. And like any shoe, some boots work better for certain hooves and certain horses. Horse owners who have tried a variety of boots will testify to this!

Other issues that can occur with the boots:
* The velcro becomes dirty and won't attach securely -- this is always a problem with velcro. If the velcro is dirty, the boots must be cleaned after use by soaking or rinsing with a hose. We also sell a velcro cleaning brush which is very effective (see Boot Accessories) Of course, it is also the velcro which makes the boot so easy to secure around the hoof!

* Horses that overstride or overreach-- a few customers have reported instances when a horse overstrode and caught the back of the front boot with his rear hoof. So if your horse is prone to overstriding or overreaching, this may not be the best boot choice.

These boots are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee and a 90 day warranty against defects.

Before ordering, please read through all the
information carefully (see instruction links below). We want you to get a good fit and be happy with your boots!

Proper measuring is VERY important!
follow the guidelines carefully in the Measuring Instructions. Measure twice (or 3 times!) to be sure.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept international/foreign orders for hoof boots due to the difficulty and expense of honoring the boot guarantee and warranty requirements.

Measuring Instructions
Sizing Questions
Guarantee and Return Policy
Boot Accessories
Tips & Solutions to Common Problems
Hoof Boot Ordering Page

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