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Evolutionary Hoof Care Tools
How they work together

The first tool line designed and created especially for
natural hoof care

How these tools work to improve the hoof:
* Eliminate ongoing wall cracks and separations
* Prevent forward migration of the toe wall between trims
* Control flaring to produce thicker walls and less sensitive soles.

With consistent use of these tools, horses that could not quite get out of boots were finally able to go barefoot on rocks with no trouble.

For the best results in creating and maintaining a naturally
shaped hoof, use the tools in order: 1 - 2 - 3

#1 The Radius Rasp Pro
Fits in the palm of your hand, curved like the Radius Rasp Original, but with standard rasp teeth for "roughing out" the mustang roll. It will remove more horn than the Original, and is intended to be used first.
#2 The Radius Rasp Original
Nestles comfortably in your hand, with a
unique grater-like blade for smoothing any uneven edges along the mustang roll. The Original is a finishing tool, intended for use after either the Radius Rasp Pro or a conventional flat rasp.
#3 The Hoof Buffers: Original & Pro
The Original creates the perfect finish, also mimics the abrasive action of sand and grit to enhance callusing. The new Pro uses its flexible surface and perforated blade to shape the upper edge of the mustang roll and remove any flaring or excess horn. Choose between the two.
The Contouring Bar & Sole
Rasps: Original
& Pro
Curved to fit into every aspect of the sole and bars -- remove excessive or deteriorated horn with precise control.
The Original features standard rasp tines,
the Pro features "knife-like" teeth. Choose between the two.
Customer Comment:

"I had my doubts when I ordered the Evo tools. Especially introducing them to my "old school" father who helps me trim. We love them!!!!!' Rave rave reviews!! Awesome products!!"
-- Callie from Tennessee
Use these tools for effective control and shaping of the bars and sole
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