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The New Hoof Stand Work Station: Standard & "Shorty" sizes available

A great design just got better! The Hoof Stand Work Station has now been updated with many new time-saving features added.

Watch the YouTube video
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b290Pog Zbuc

The Standard

The standard size is newly re-designed and is the ultimate in efficiency:

• A built in handle (one-hand carry of tools and station)
• Push/Pull Height Selector (no pin to pull or knob to turn!)
• Removable legs for easy packing
• Height range of 15” to 26”
• Height adjustment in 1” increments
• Spring-loaded inner stand shaft for quick elevation
• 4-position Grip Head (fits on 4 ways to vary leg bracing positions)
• Low profile channel steel legs for maximum stand stability (one toe or knee bracing)
• Fully galvanized, rust-proof bright zinc finish on steel parts

Highlights of the improvements
- No more stopping work to change heads,
as both grip and cradle heads remain in place with the new flip-up cradle always ready to go
- The height can be adjusted easily using the 'push button' height selector without removing the hoof from the stand
- Space for all your Evolutionary Tools! The bucket and magnets are designed and sized just right for your Radius Rasps, Bar & Sole Rasps and Hoof Buffers
- Plenty of room for other tools as well,
such as traditional rasps and knives
- 'On board' wire brush for cleaning tools
- Tube Sizing Insert for adjusting the angle of your tools to ensure the caddy rotates
smoothly around while you're working
- Rubber coated cradle head holds the hoof firmly and allows you to shift the position of the hoof in order to work different areas

The Shorty

The WS-2 'Shorty' model is specially designed for working on minis, ponies, and larger horses with stiff legs that do not flex easily. This version comes with a specially sized cradle to hold small hooves securely. When you trim minis or horses with inflexible hocks, stifle joints, or knees, you will be amazed at how much easier this Work Station makes trimming so low to the ground. Height adjustment for the 'Shorty' is 9"-15".

Mini hooves are incredibly difficult to hold when using nippers, rasp, or knife. The Shorty's down-sized cradle allows you to firmly position those tiny hooves while trimming. A removable Cradle Extension is provided that helps hold small hooves in place on the Cradle so you can get both hands on your nippers. You can use one hand to firmly grip small hooves against the Cradle while you use the other to work your knife, nippers, and rasp.

This Tool Caddy has two less tubes than the one on the Standard Work Station (only one rasp tube and one Sole Rasp tube) but still carries a full complement of trimming tools--including two Radius Rasps! Because the 'Shorty' has a much lower height than the Standard models, its Caddy is slightly shorter. This design allows your tools to angle farther outward to reduce interfering when you are working on hooves at lower heights. It also comes with a tube Sizing Inset so you can adjust the angle of your tools upward when working at the top height of the 'Shorty.'

See the link below for ways to use the
"Shorty" and tools from the Evolutionary Hoof Care line with minis.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsQHb3 Yxg_4

We highly recommend the use of a hoof stand to make your work easier and more efficient. We consider it to be an essential tool for performing a quality trimming job. It allows you to concentrate on working the hoof properly, prevents back strain, and also provides a place to keep your tools protected and close at hand. Once you get used to using a hoof stand, you'll wonder how you ever managed without one!

The new Hoof Stand Work Stations are a quality lifetime investment, and well worth the cost. Made in the USA.
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The New Hoof Stand "Shorty" Work Station
plus $25 UPS shipping**
** Special Note about shipping on hoof stands:The Hoof Stand Work Station ships via UPS ground directly from the manufacturer in Washington (so we must have a street address when you order) and the stated UPS fees apply to contiguous USA destinations only. Alaska and Hawaii and foreign destinations have additional charges. Other items in your order may ship by the US Postal Service. Also, the stated UPS charge only applies to the stand. If you order other items at the same time as your stand, those items will be assessed shipping charges separately either based on a current promotion or the chart on our Shipping page.
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The new Hoof Stand Standard Work Station fully loaded and ready for work!
The New Hoof Stand Standard Work Station
plus $25 UPS shipping**
The new Hoof Stand Standard Work Station on the left, the "Shorty" on the right.
The ultimate in hoof stands!
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