AANHCP Field Guide to
Integrative Steps to More Effective and Efficient Trimming
by Jaime Jackson

This booklet is an entirely new kind of work, in which natural hoof care expert Jaime Jackson shares step-by-step his professional methods of horse handling, tool use and effective maneuvers under and around the horse when trimming. As Jackson explains, "Sequencing is the key to effortless trimming." A must for every hoof care professional or aspiring amateur.

Lots of valuable information in a small package! This 40 page booklet explains techniques which can help you to do a better job with less effort. Section titles of the booklet are:

* What is Sequencing?
* Role of the handler: horse in hand
* Role of the trimmer: under the horse
* Responsibility of students in sequencing
* Part 1: Preliminary considerations
Hoof trim sequencing
Relative dominance
Horse in hand
Hoof angle, toe length
Hoof stand and hand tools
Tools and equipment
Horse wear
Ear radar
Hoof stand positions
Diagonal support positions
Tool carrier
Work table and chair
* Part 2: Sequencing (front feet)
Left front hoof
Right front hoof
* Part 3: Sequencing (hind feet)
Left hind hoof
Right hind hoof
* Test your knowledge of sequencing
*What to do if laminitis strikes
* Natural hoof care resources

After you've ordered your copy of this informative booklet, be sure and visit the website for the AANHCP at
and its training division ISNHCP (Institute for the Study of Natural Hoof Care Practices) at
Staple bound, 40 pgs $7.95
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