AANHCP Field Guide to
Natural Hoof Care:
You Can Take to Produce
Healthier Hooves and a Happier
by Jaime Jackson

A new, condensed approach to understanding and bringing your horse into natural hoof care. Jackson also sheds new light on natural riding, Navicular Syndrome, laminitis, and the biology of Equus Caballus. This is a work you will not only read and re-read, but one to share with others.

This booklet packs an extensive amount of
valuable information into its compact 32 pages. The section titles of the booklet are:

* Why this Field Guide?
* What is Natural Hoof Care?
* How Natural Hoof Care works
(includes recommended trim schedules,
the role of hoof boots, guidelines for a
natural diet, and ideas for boarding)
* Transitioning to a barefoot horse
* Is it safe to ride my barefoot horse?
* Become a natural rider
* Like horses, but don't want to compete or
* What are laminitis and founder, and are they preventable?
*What to do if laminitis strikes
*Stress, lameness and the biology of Equus

After you've ordered your copy of this informative booklet, be sure and visit the website for the AANHCP at
and its training division ISNHCP (Institute for the Study of Natural Hoof Care Practices) at
Staple bound, 32 pgs $5.95
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Because Barefoot is Best.
v Foreign language editions
German version now available!
Use this link: .de/nhc_fieldguide.html

Other editions to be announced soon!

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