Basic Trimming Kit
What tools do I need to get started?
For the bare minimum to get started, we recommend the following items pictured below. If you're unsure if this is really something you want to pursue, your budget is limited, or you're planning on just doing "touch-ups" between practitioner visits, these should get you started.

A note of caution: You may be tempted to get started using someone else's cast-off tools, but this could lead to a very discouraging experience. Using worn-out tools is like trying to cut a tomato with a dull knife -- it just makes a mess. Professionals will tell you that they can't do a quality job without good tools either.

Proper tool handling is also critical when you're first getting started. We highly recommend our DVD, Creating the Perfect Hoof, for instructions on how to handle your tools. Getting started doing things the right way is much better for both you and your horse!
What do I need if I'm ready for more?
The following tools are recommended as the next level of tools. They are all important and necessary for quality hoof care, and are only left out of the above list for those who want just the minimum essentials to get started. Add them as soon as you can to make your job easier, safer and more efficient!
Specialty items for serious trimmers
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