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Hoofjack Hoof Stand

The Hoofjack is a customer favorite! It has proven itself to be a top-quality, very durable, user-friendly stand. Now available in 4 bright colors, you can also add a bit of fun to your trimming!

Along with proper exercise, hoof stands
are the best way to protect your back from strain or injury. But better than any insurance
policy, the stand starts making your life easier right away.

Suitable for both the amateur or professional practitioner, the Hoofjack is available in
5 sizes:

v Mini Hoofjack fits miniature horses and very small ponies. Height of base is 7 inches, adjusts from 8" to 12", base diameter is 13". Includes mini sized cradle, mini straight post with rubber cap, two 90 lb pull magnets.

v Standard Hoofjack fits a pony up to a small draft or draft cross horse (hooves up to a size 6). Height of base is 12 inches, adjusts from 14" to 22", base diameter is 18". Includes standard cradle, straight post with standard rubber cap, two 90 lb pull magnets.

v Draft Hoofjack fits draft horses with hooves size 7 or larger. Height of base is 12 inches, adjusts from 14" to 22", base diameter is 18". Includes draft size cradle, one straight post with draft rubber cap, two 90 lb pull magnets.

v Geriatric Hoofjack is designed for horses with a limited range of motion. This stand is 7" in height with a base diameter of 13". Overall height adjustment is 8" - 13". Includes a mini base, standard size cradle and standard post with rubber cap, two 90 lb pull magnets.

v Medium Hoofjack New! - fits a pony up to a small draft or draft cross (hooves up to a size 6). The base is shorter than the standard Hoofjack (9" instead of 12") but has the same diameter (18"). Overall height adjustment is 11"-19". Includes a medium size cradle and medium post with rubber cap, two 90 lb pull magnets. It is especially useful for smaller ponies (under 12 hands), the geriatric or injured horse with a limited range of motion, and the user who is under 5'10" wanting to use the cradle on the front feet.

We highly recommend the use of a hoof stand to make your work easier and more efficient. We consider it to be an essential tool for performing a quality trimming job. It allows you to concentrate on working the hoof properly, prevents back strain, and also provides a place to keep your tools protected and close at hand. Once you get used to using a hoof stand, you'll wonder how you ever managed without one!

FEATURES for all sizes:

u Stand takes all the horse's weight

u Stand allows you to concentrate on your work, not knee or back pain

u Handy magnets secure your hand tools

u Includes rubber grip head and cradle head

u Rubber grip head secures the horse's hoof for finishing the outer wall

u Sturdy polyethylene base is lightweight for easy positioning under the horse

u Height easily adjusts for your comfort and the horse's balance

u Base has 3 year warrantee against horse breakage

u Includes free 40 min instructional DVD

u All sizes available in a choice of colors: red, purple, pink, or original green
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plus $9.95 USA shipping*
Standard Hoofjack
plus $9.95 USA shipping*
plus $9.95 USA shipping*
* Special Note about shipping costs on hoof stands: Hoof stands are shipped via UPS ground directly from the manufacturer in Idaho (so we must have a street address when you order) and applies to contiguous USA destinations only. Alaska and Hawaii and foreign destinations have additional charges. Other items in your order may ship via US Postal service.
Also, the stated UPS charge only applies to the stand. If you order other items at the same time as your stand, those items will be assessed shipping charges separately either based on a current promotion or the chart on our Shipping page.
Mini, Draft and Standard Hoofjacks
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Customer Comments:

"I love my Hoofjack. Before I just used my legs, so the difference
was amazing! It allows you to put your horse's legs in a more
comfortable position, it's easy to adjust, it's sturdy and I love the
little sling to rest the hoof in to work on the bottom of the hoof.
The magnets are also really cool! I am trimming my horses in
double the time (not trying to go fast, I'm just not having to take
so many breaks!) and it's pretty sturdy."
plus $9.95 USA shipping*
Medium Hoofjack
plus $9.95 USA shipping*
Hoofjacks in color!
All Hoofjack sizes available in red, pink, purple, and original green.