Nippers & Nipper Spring

Classic Hoof Nippers

Forged from high quality tool steel, machined for precision and heat treated for wear resistance, this professional hoof nipper features a very sharp cut. 12-inch and 15-inch models provide maximum accuracy and a fine cutting edge that will get you through the toughest horn, eliminating the need for compound nippers. Women who have tried these have given this tool a "two thumbs up" for making the job easier. 12-inch model is suitable for ladies and men with smaller hands. A truly excellent product at a great price. These are Viking brand nippers made in the USA by Nordic Forge.

Keep your nippers sharp! Nippers should never be used for other cutting needs or nail removal. It's also recommended to always clean hooves first with a hoof pick and brush so that debris and grit won't dull the cutting edge.

If you're in the market for nippers, please consider adding the nipper spring below!
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12 inch
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15 inch
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Nipper Spring

This interesting little gadget performs an amazing function -- it allows you to operate your nippers with one hand. It attaches to the top of the nippers (see photo, below right)
and creates a spring-action. A very handy accessory, especially for anyone having trouble using both hands to operate their nippers.

The diagram below shows how the spring is
attached to the nipper. Instructions are also
included with each spring. The spring fits most
nipper styles (including ours above, of course!)

The manufacturer warns that the nipper spring
is addictive! Originally designed for occasional use by professionals, it has been found that many professional trimmers like it so much that they use it all the time. With such frequent use over many horses, it may wear out in time and need to be replaced. A small price to pay for a great labor-saving device!

Customer Comment
"Love the nipper spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I'd ordered it a long time ago.
It's great! Can't say enough good things about that nipper spring! Of course we use it with your nippers, too. But for us it has made a somewhat difficult task alot easier."
-- Sue from Oregon

"I just received the nipper spring, and it is great. I have miniature Donkeys and due to the size it is not possible to work with the hoof between my knees so it is a 1 hand operation. Your spring makes the job easier. I have searched for years for an item like the nipper spring."
-- Spencer from Arizona
Nipper Spring
Unsure which size nippers to buy?
Watch our YouTube video which compares both sizes
Watch our YouTube video
See the nipper spring in action, and also learn how to attach the spring to your nippers