Hoof Knife Sharpeners
istor Swiss sharpeners

We import these knife sharpeners from Switzerland for their superior quality. Very popular among natural trimmers, both sizes provide excellent sharpening for the length of your hoof knife. The thumb guard on the handle of the professional size also offers protection against cuts. Note: you will also need a round-style sharpener for the crook of your knife (see round crook sharpeners below).

The istor sharpeners are not just for hoof knives! Order a second sharpener for your kitchen knives or scissors. If you’re doing your own trimming, then an istor sharpener belongs in your tool box—or kitchen drawer—or both!
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Standard size
4" long
sale $20.95
size 5-3/4" long
Buck diamond coated
sharpener for the crook

Use this diamond sharpener manufactured by the Buck Knives Company to sharpen the crook (curved portion) of your F. Dick hoof knife. Diamond sharpeners are the "cadillac" of sharpeners, and will give a very fine edge to your knife. Designed to have a long life, this sharpener is used most effectively with light pressure so that the diamonds are not dislodged from the base.
Discontinued by the manufacturer, no longer available
Star Ridge Company
Because Barefoot is Best.
(pictured in case)
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Smith's diamond coated
sharpener for the crook

Discover a high quality tapered diamond sharpener manufactured by Smith's, a company known for making sharpeners for over 125 years. This writing pen size sharpener (5.25 inches long) uses an unbreakable diamond-coated steel rod to quickly and effectively sharpen the crook of your hoof knife. The sharpening rod is coated with multiple layers of micron-sized, monocrystalline diamonds (medium 400 grit) to make sharpening quick and easy, while still giving you that razor sharp edge on your knife. In addition, it can be adjusted to various lengths, and when not in use, the sharpening rod stores in the handle. It is lightweight, compact, easy to use, and comes with a pocket clip for easy storage. Works very well in combination with the istor sharpener (which will do an excellent job of sharpening the length of your knife).
Smith's Diamond
sale $11.95
Lansky fine diamond coated
sharpener for the Zip Hoof Knife

This sharpener is especially recommended for keeping the razor sharp edge on your Zip hoof knife. The 3.5 inch fine, 600 grit diamond coated rod will effectively sharpen your knife, and the black ergonomic handle will provide a comfortable grip. The handle folds for easy carrying and storage.
Lansky Diamond
sale $15.95