Guide to Booting Horses for Hoof Care Professionals (DVD)

The Swiss Horse boot is one of the best fitting, most adaptable boots on the market today. This DVD shows how to measure and fit the boot, including how to modify the boot with inserts, toe slot, and heat fitting. Sections of the DVD correspond directly to chapters in the companion book, Guide to Booting Horses for Hoof Care Professionals.

Action footage on the DVD shows the boots being put on, removed and used by horse owners. Included also is a troubleshooting section, and how to make repairs to the boot as necessary.

Horse owners and natural hoof care practitioners often need a quality boot to help with horses in transition to barefoot, and the Swiss Horse boot is highly recommended. Horse boots can be a trouble-free alternative to shoeing, but only if the boots are fit properly. This DVD and companion Guide were created as a "training kit" for adapting and using the boot effectively.
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DVD 2 hrs
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