Eliminating Flares, Splits & Run-under Heels (DVD)

Jaime receives more questions about dealing with wall flare, splits and run-under heels than any other facet of trimming. Here's his step-by-step presentation of solutions to these and other aberrations of normal hoof growth.

In this 90 minute video, Jaime goes straight to the hoof and completes close-up in-depth trims of 2 hooves deformed by flares, splits, and run-under heels. His narrative explains exactly what he's doing as he works. When he's finished, both hooves are restored to natural shape and balance.

Recommended for use with companion bulletin #106: Rules of Rasping.

NOTE: It is also recommended that trimmers have some trimming experience before undertaking the techniques described in this video. Good beginner resources include the book,
Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care and the DVD: Creating the Perfect Hoof: Learn to do a Natural Trim with Jaime Jackson.
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Customer Comments
"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent DVDs; they are really superb and highly informative." -- Lucy from France

Customer Comments
"I am seeing great results in my two horses as I apply the lessons I am learning from these DVDs. Thank you so very much." -- Carl from California
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DVD 1 hr 30 min.
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