Hoof Buffers
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Hoof Buffer Original Flex Sander (HB-1)
now with a sturdy aluminum handle

An essential finishing tool, designed to follow one or both Radius Rasps, or to follow a conventional straight rasp. The Hoof Buffer blends all edges of the roll uniformly. It is particularly important for rounding the upper border of the roll to eliminate any "edge" that might promote flaring and cracking.

For those that have tried sandpaper as a finishing tool, the Hoof Buffer has an easier action and gives more consistent results.

The turnbuckle allows for several tension adjustments. If one loosens the tension on the Hoof Buffer, the paper "folds around" the hoof more and there is then less aggressive action (horn removal) as a result. If the turnbuckle is tightened the sandpaper applies firmer pressure and more aggressive horn removal.

The turnbuckle can also be loosened to rotate the surface of the sandpaper so all parts of the sandpaper are used evenly.
The handle is made from long-lasting aluminum.

Please note: The body of the Hoof Buffer is now made from metal, creating an even sturdier tool. The Hoof Buffer price includes the wrench for making adjustments, and 2 belts -- one fine grade belt which comes on the tool and one coarse grade spare replacement belt.
The tension may be adjusted to vary the action of the sandpaper.
Customer Comments:

" I am a natural hoof care practitioner in the UK. I ordered your radius rasp and hoof buffer to see if they would be tools I could recommend to my clients who want to do some work on their horses' hooves themselves. The radius rasp is so effective! Small, light, sharp and puts the roll on beautifully. The hoof buffer then gives a finish that any farrier would be proud of. I will carry the tools with me to demonstrate their use." -- Julie from the United Kingdom

" I am enjoying the [Evolutionary] tools I purchased from you. They are easy to use and I'm having a good result." -- Linda from Wisconsin
Hoof Buffer Original $45.00
Sale $39.95
Hoof Buffer
Replacement Belt
(coarse) $7.95 **
**Shipping note on Hoof Buffer Original replacement belts:
If you are purchasing only Radius Rasp Original replacement blades and/or Hoof Buffer Original belts, and your order is over 9.95, a special reduced shipping rate of $2.95 to USA destinations will apply.
Hoof Buffer
Replacement Belt
(fine) $6.95 **
The Hoof Buffers: Original & Pro
Hoof Buffer PRO Flex Rasp (HB-2)
with sturdy aluminum handle

The Hoof Buffer Pro is a more aggressive version of the Hoof Buffer Original. Its flexible steel blade has 'star-shaped' teeth that act like sandpaper but will not clog and will last longer than a sanding belt. These teeth remove horn more like the smooth side of a standard flat hoof rasp. But they cut in all directions with each stroke, forward and backward or side to side. So when you have more horn to remove from the outer edge and sides of the hoof wall, the Hoof Buffer Pro will do it faster.

This tool is especially effective in rounding the upper edge of the Mustang Roll around the outer hoof wall and removing existing or potential flares.

While this blade removes horn faster than the sanding belt of the Hoof Buffer Original, it does not leave as smooth a finish to the wall surface. The overall effect of its teeth is between that of the Hoof Buffer Original sanding belt and the perforated teeth of the Radius Rasp Original.

Tool comes with long-lasting aluminum handle and one metal blade (on the tool).

Please note: The Hoof Buffer Original replacement belts are not interchangeable with the Hoof Buffer Pro replacement blades, or vice versa due to differences in the attachments.
Hoof Buffer Pro $55.00
Sale $49.95
Hoof Buffer Pro
Replacement Blade
(shown above removed from the tool)
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