Guide to Booting Horse for
Hoof Care Professionals
by Jaime Jackson

Contains detailed descriptions of every aspect of booting with the Swiss Horse Boot: fitting, modifying, quick mounting, and easy removal. Jackson has written this guide to help horse owners, farriers and vets who are interested in de-shoeing their horses and going barefoot, realizing that hoof boots are often an important part of a barefoot program.

This guide focuses particularly on the use of the Swiss Horse Boot, hailed by Jackson as "the best riding boot on the market, based on its value, adaptability, and ease of use."

Twelve chapters and an extensive Resource appendix make this a most practical and useful handbook for 21st century hoof care.

If you're interested in ordering Swiss Boots or locating a fitter, see the website
Softcover, 192 pgs $26.95
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Author Comments
"I've tried to pack everything I know about booting horses into this manual. It's all practical stuff. Information that works because it's what I do with my client's horses. I also use this as a training manual for professionals who are working their clients out of conventional horseshoes."
Star Ridge Company
Because Barefoot is Best.
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