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Star Ridge Company
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First ever dry
thrush treatment!
Equithotics rasp handles
Colorful and
a comfortable grip!
Natural feeding saves money!
Hay Net
Unique new blade!
Hoofjack Hoof Stands
"Now in fun new colors!"
New hoof knife!
Hoof Buffer Pro Flex Rasp
Fr. Dick Champion
Loop Knife
Buck Diamond Knife Sharpener orig $16.95
sale $15.95
Paddock Paradise Blowout Sale!_________________

1/2 off the Original Edition of this classic in horse care
Radius Rasp
Orig $55.00
sale $49.95
Bar & Sole Rasp Original
Orig $45.00
sale $39.95
Radius Rasp
Orig $45.00
sale $39.95
Bar & Sole Rasp Pro
Orig $58.00
sale $54.95
Hoof Buffer Original
Orig $45.00
sale $39.95
Hoof Buffer Pro
Orig $55.00
sale $49.95
Flares DVD
orig $39.95
sale $24.95
Creating the
Perfect Hoof
orig $39.95
sale $24.95
Paddock Paradise
Save 50%!
was $26.95
now $13.45

Understanding the Healing Angle
PowerPoint DVD
orig $24.95
sale $21.95
Hoofjacks available
in 5 sizes and 4 colors
Special $9.95 USA shipping** all sizes
** Special $9.95 USA flat rate shipping applies to Hoofjacks only. Hoofjacks to Alaska and Hawaii have additional fees. Other items in your order will be assessed using the $4.95 flat rate shipping charge.
Beyond the Basics 3 Article Set on CD
orig $26.95
now $18.95
All 12 Articles on
1 CD
orig $87.45
now $54.95
"Absolutely awesome book!"

"Completely worth buying, reading, and sharing this book and its amazing and beautiful knowledge within. Easy and quick read, while being interesting and packed full of invaluable information, ideas, and sound judgement and perceptions from his years of studying and following the mustangs, along with the practical advice on how to achieve and enhance your horse's physical well-being along with mental well-being by implementing some of these suggestions. Highly, highly recommend to anyone and everyone who wishes to or already owns a horse or horses!!!! Our horses deserve this!"
Trimmer's Tool Kit Sale!

Fill your tool bag with all the essentials,
and all at sale prices!
. (Sale prices through Oct 28, 2017)
No Thrush
orig $27.95
sale $26.95
Medium orig $14.95
sale $13.95
Cordura Tool Carrier
orig $19.95
sale $16.95
Savings on Evolutionary Tools ________
More specials ___________________
Trimming the
Laminitic Hoof DVD
orig $39.95
sale $24.95
Pick from these options to fill your bag!
Recommended for your kit:

Cordura tool carrier
Hoof knife
Rasp handle
Rasp cleaner
Hoof gauge
Tape measure
Hoof pick

Fr. Dick Ascot Hoof Knife
orig $32.95
sale $30.95
Fr. Dick Champion Loop Knife
orig $42.95
sale $40.95
Fr. Dick Gripmaster Hoof Knife
orig $35.95
sale $33.95
Istor Swiss Standard Sharpener
orig $21.95
sale $20.95
Istor Swiss Professional Sharpener
orig $32.95
sale $31.95
Nordic Forge Nippers
15" orig $82.95
sale $80.95
12" orig $79.95 sale $77.95
Hoof Knives______________________________________________
Hoof Pick & Gloves__________________________________________
Fr. Dick Rasps
14" orig $24.95
sale $23.95
12" orig $23.95 sale $22.95
Rasp Handles & Rasp Cleaner__________________________________
Hoof Gauge & Tape Measure__________________________________
FJV Aluminum Handle
Small orig $16.95
sale $15.95
Large orig $18.95 sale $17.95
Rasp Cleaner
orig $12.95
sale $11.95
Hoof Meter Reader
Hoof Gauge
orig $9.95
sale $8.95
Tape Measure
orig $10.95
sale $9.95
Hoof Pick
orig $2.95
sale $1.95
Gloves in S/M/L
orig $13.95
sale $12.95
Hoofjack Shipping Special! _________