Radius Rasps
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Radius Rasp Original

The Radius Rasp fits in the palm of the hand, quite literally gliding around the hoof wall's bearing surface (following the direction of the arrow marked on the tool), effortlessly removing debris and irregularities. This enables the shaping of the mustang roll in an unusual and remarkably effective way, using an action similar to a cheese grater. The action is a "shaving" effect. Trimmers who have tested this tool give it high marks for ease of use with a superior result.

The unique blade is perforated rustproof stainless steel, and can be expected to last several months when trimming a couple of horses. The key to extending blade life is to press forward rather than down, using mores strokes with less pressure.

The Radius Rasp Original is a fantastic tool, and one we predict will soon be considered a standard for natural trimming. Final finishing with the Hoof Buffer is recommended to really "fine tune" the finish

A magnet is also built into the top of the tool for easy attachment to your hoof stand!

Unsure about whether to get the Radius Rasp Original or the Radius Rasp Pro? Click here.
The Radius Rasp Original $45.00
Sale $39.95
The Radius Rasps: Original and PRO
The Radius Rasp PRO

The Radius Rasp Pro was designed to "rough out" the Mustang Roll around the edge of the hoof wall. It has a rust-proof stainless steel blade with standard rasp tines. The Pro tines are most effective in removing the harder outer layer of wall horn and beginning to round its edge. The action of the Pro blade is more of a "scraping" action. Once the Radius Rasp Pro prepares the surface, the perforated blade of the Radius Rasp Original removes horn much more rapidly, and leaves a smoother finish.

The Pro blade is heat-treated solid stainless steel that is rustproof and has standard type rasp teeth that will long outlast regular rasps. Indications are
that it will do 100 horses or more.

A wonderfully effective tool. It pairs perfectly with the Radius Rasp Original to create the best results. For the most durable hoof shape, follow-up with the Hoof Buffer to remove any ridges or sharp edges.

Unsure about whether to order a Radius Rasp Original or a Radius Rasp Pro? Click here.
Customer Comments:

" I am a natural hoof care practitioner in the UK. I ordered your radius rasp and hoof buffer to see if they would be tools I could recommend to my clients who want to do some work on their horses' hooves themselves. The radius rasp is so effective! Small, light, sharp and puts the roll on beautifully. The hoof buffer then gives a finish that any farrier would be proud of. I will carry the tools with me to demonstrate their use." -- Julie from the United Kingdom

" I bought and love the radius rasp -- the size is perfect, ease of use superb." -- Lori from West Virginia

" Just received the radius rasp and used it on two of our horses. It is a magnificent tool, thanks for having brought it to my attention!" -- Hendrik from France
**Shipping note on Radius Rasp Original blades:
If you are purchasing only Radius Rasp Original replacement blades and/or Hoof Buffer belts, and your order is over $9.95, a special reduced shipping rate of $2.95 to USA destinations will apply.
The Radius Rasp Original
Replacement Blade
Radius Rasp PRO $55.00
Sale $49.95
Radius Rasp PRO
Replacement Blade
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