DVDs, Multimedia

Creating the Perfect Hoof DVD
Guide to Booting Horses for Hoof Care Professionals DVD
Healing Angle Powerpoint
Trimming to Eliminate Flares DVD
Trimming the Laminitic Hoof DVD
Winter Wild Horse Hooves DVD

Books, Bulletins & Articles

Founder: Prevention & Cure the Natural Way
Guide to Booting Horses for Hoofcare Professionals
Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care
Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You
Natural Horse: Foundations for Natural Horsemanship,The
Official AANHCP Trimming Guidelines Training Handbook
Paddock Paradise
Soul of a Horse

Advanced Hoof Care Series Bulletins: (same link for all)
100: Hoof Growth Cycle
101: Trimming for Natural Angles
102: Laminitis Redefined
103: The Laminitis Pathway
104: Trimming the Laminitic Hoof
106: Rules of Rasping
107: The Correct Mustang Roll
108: Time and Mass in a 4th Dimensional Hoof Mechanism
109: The Whole Horse Trim
110: The Supercorium
111: Does Horseshoeing Cause Hoof Contraction?
113: Hoof Mass, Motion & the Mythos of P3 Rotation

Tools, Equipment & Apparel

Apron, deluxe trimming
Clinch Cutter
Gloves, kevlar (small, medium, large)
Gloves, knit (small, medium, large)
Hammer, driving
Hoof gauge, Hoof Meter Reader
Hoofjack hoof stands
Hoof knives, Ascot style, right handed, left handed
Hoof knives, Gripmaster style, right handed, left handed
Hoof knife sharpener, diamond
Hoof knife sharpener, Swiss, standard size
Hoof knife sharpener, Swiss, professional size
Hoof pick
Metric measuring tape
Nail Puller
Nippers, Classic 12 inch
Nippers, Classic 15 inch
Rasp cleaning file
Rasp handle, Fr. Dick screw-on
Rasp handle, JV aluminum 1-1/2 inch
Rasp handle, JV aluminum 1-3/4 inch
Rasps, Fr. Dick 12 inch
Rasps, Fr. Dick 14 inch
Shoe Puller

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